Alan Wade storyboards and illustration

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Eric David- Creator of the Aflac Duck

  • Aflac was a big account for us at the Kaplan Thaler Group and the Aflac Duck quickly became a huge success. As the creator of the Aflac duck, I used Alan almost exclusively for over 8 years for our storyboards, and many other accounts we worked on. His quick turnaround, fantastic drawing ability, and most of all, his unique sense of humor not only helped make the work better, it helped sell our concepts. If you need a go-to guy, go to Alan. I'm sure the Aflac duck would agree."

    4:06 PM
  • Eric David
  • Sep 25 2016

Domingo Perez jr

Adam Hessel 
Creative Director - Publicis



When I joined  KTG in 2007 I asked for the most reliable and talented storyboard artist they have on their books and was put straight on to Alan. I  am still using him, i.e a few days ago for a pharma campaign. 

He's been our go to guy to help us sell many Napa, Wendys, not to mention the Aflac spots when we had the account. He delivers roughs fast, and can execute finished art to either a loose, energetic or finished form.  Great with humor, emotion and action.




Whitney PillsburyWhitney Pillsbury
Group Creative Director, SVP - Publicis Kaplan Thaler


Alan is a creative illustrator who can take a half-baked marker sketch sent from an iphone and turn it into magic. His storyboard frames have brought me award winning success on clients like Wendy's, Herbal Essence, Kraft Bagel-fuls and Trojan condoms... I rarely see pencils with Alan because his drawings are always 'ready to go to color' - thanks Alan for years of creative help and teamwork!





Domingo Perez jr
Creative Director at Publicis Kaplan Thaler

I first worked with Alan in 2003, and, along with all the teams at Kapaln Thaler, continue to. In all this time we've never once been let down. If All State didn't use the line " you're in good hands" it would be on Alan's calling card.



Marco Cignini

Marco Cignini

Executive Creative Director at Catch New York

Alan is my insurance policy. I always know that if I'm in a crunch for illustrations that I can call Alan and he'll bust his hump to get the job done. He's also a funny, smart and charming guy, or maybe I just think that because he has an accent and people with accents always seem more intellectual and witty. Maybe I should start using an accent? Whatever, this recco is for Alan, not me. Alan's a good guy with a great talent for illustration. He can draw faster than anyone I know and has a knack for turning my scribbles and stick figures into illustrations that inspire my clients.





Jacqueline Contee

Jacqueline Contee


Sr. Art Producer/Print Producer


My agency Bravo Group [ Div of Y&R ] primarily worked with Alan Wade for storyboards and or print layouts.
He was always very quick, and had a good understanding of what our Art Directors wanted. In working with him we had very few revisions. He’s also one of the most fast and detailed illustrators that I’ve worked with in pencil and in color. Too top it all off he also has a very nice sense of humor. Makes for a great working relationship in what can be a stressful atmosphere. (Advertising:)!!!
















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